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About Us

DSARAHMAN OR GEDUNG MUSLIM, currently leads the local modest/muslimah clothing business in Malaysia in 10 years ago.
In a true definition of humble beginning, DSARAHMAN first milestone was an existence as a tiny boutique in a small house at Keramat, Kuala Lumpur  where the Co-Founder SITI SARAH ZAINOL or foundly known as dsarahman become a tailor.
Through it all, the ups and downs, sweats and tears with hardwork, perseverance and sheer determination DSARAHMAN has mark as the leading brand in this fast growing industry. DSARAHMAN believes in investing on human capital, new ideas and innovation while staying true to the core identity of the brand which has set DSARAHMAN uniquely different from competitors.
DSARAHMAN seems to always set the tone and trend in the market to which we are pleased and humble most.
DSARAHMAN winning point is the loyal and huge fan base that the brand has obtained in the last 10 years. The ‘family’ and treatment shared by DSARAHMAN management and the loyal customers is very close and feel so special to both.
To further strengthen their relationship and to support DSARAHMAN, loyal supporters has set up a fan club named DSARAHMANLOVERS to show the full support and all these has just clearly defined DSARAHMAN is brand that brings everyone closer and unity.

Our Achievements